The Dragon Collection

The dragons have been coloring the sky since 2014. The collection consists of the Mini, Midi and Large dragon. The mini and midi share the same design, with the midi being 30% bigger in all dimensions. The large dragon is bigger, looks a bit more scary and has even more detail compared  to the mini and midi.

Quality materials and manufacturing

The dragons are made with high quality materials, high precision and attention for detail. These are some of the unique features:

-40D High Tenacity PU-coated rip-stop

-Depending on size up to 620 precisely cut panels for a single dragon

-Reinforcement patches in all critical places

-High precision bridle with stitched end-loops. SK75 Dyneema assures strength and durabilty, and low visibility

-Dirt out openings in legs, wings and tails. Sand and dirt will not easily get stuck!

-Big deflate zippers in wings and body for no-stress packing